Astrology Can Help You

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Astrology is a Powerful Tool for Discovery and Personal Transformation

A proper interpretation of the birth chart can create clarity and open up more potential for reaching one's goals by operating from a visionary vs. a fearful perspective and moving in cooperation with our own cycles and rhythms. It can provide understanding about the meaning of particular experiences and phases in life and can be a helpful adjunct to psychotherapy. Specific issues and concerns that require choices or decisions in the present are highlighted.

Nikki Dohn, M.A.

Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

I am a counselor, teacher and writer with over 38 years training, personal experience, and practice in astrology, spirituality, metaphysics, psychology, and the visual arts. I hold a B.S. in Human Development and an M.A. in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. I combine insight, compassion and humor in my private practice, creating a non-threatening environment wherein clients feel nurtured and understood. My sensitive interpretations expand a client's self awareness, self understanding and self acceptance, revealing the deeply authentic self that yearns to be known.

My work is deep, dynamic, co-creative, loving, and empowering. I am committed to assisting clients in improving the quality of their lives by connecting with their own worth, wisdom and power. My approach is holistic -- practically-, psychologically-, and spiritually-oriented.