Zodiac Houses

  1. Personality, Appearance
  2. Material and Inner Resources, Security
  3. Siblings, Learning, Communication
  4. Home, Parents, Emotions
  5. Children, Creativity, Love Affairs
  6. Work, Health, Service
  7. One-to-One Relationships
  8. Shared Wealth, Power, Sex
  9. Higher Learning, Travel
  10. Social Status, Career
  11. Social Groups
  12. Sacrifice, Soul, Suffering




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Astrology Services

Types of Readings and Prices*
Type Description Time Price
Natal This reading takes an in-depth look at the inherent traits, characteristics, and beliefs that inform your life.

1 hour


Year Ahead This reading is based upon astrological transits, progressions, and solar returns. It highlights the themes and events of the coming year. Includes overview of natal chart 1-1/2 hours $125
Relationship This reading suggests the areas of mutual benefit and enjoyment, as well as challenges and opportunities, of a relationship between two people. It indicates how the two of you function as a unit. These people can be business or life partners, lovers, friends, family members, etc 1-1/2 hours $175
Babies and Children This reading is designed for babies, children, and teens. I can provide insight into patterns of growth and development and help you be the best parent you can be. I will tell you what your child needs most to be happy and successful in life and help you provide for your child the most encouraging environment possible 1 hour $75

*Readings available in person or via telephone-Internet coming soon